Graceland of Columbia

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Pricing / Payment Options

We work hard to stay competitive in pricing while maintaining the highest quality building of its kind on the market.  We also work hard to provide a number of payment options for our customers so hopefully anyone who wishes to own a Graceland building can afford to do so.  Listed below are several payment options.  For pricing and monthly payment amounts on all our buildings, simply contact us by telephone at 803-719-7109 or go to our "Contact Us" page and complete the information request form.


Purchase Outright - We accept cash, personal check and most major credit cards.  


Rent-To-Own (RTO) / Lease-To-Own (LTO) -  With our RTO (36 Months) and our LTO (60 Months) options, there are NO credit checks and you are automatically approved.  With our RTO option, you simply make a down payment and then 36 monthly payments unless you choose to pay it off early. The RTO applies to any building, no matter the size.  Our LTO option is designed to work the same way but is reserved for larger buildings and the payments are spread out over 60 months for the convenience of our customers.  After your last payment or payoff, we will send you a certificate of ownership that you can take to the bank.    


Select one of our buildings from our lot.  We have a large selection of buildings on our lot and we are continuously restocking our inventory.  If you choose one of our buildings on our lot, you can expect your building to be delivered to your site, in most cases, within 7 to 10 business days.  Delivery and set-up is free within 50 miles of our lot located in Columbia, South Carolina.  For further distances, you pay a small charge extra per mile.  


Order a building the way you want it.  If you choose to have your building custom built, there is NO additional cost other than any options you may have selected.  A custom built requires up to 21 days to be delivered. Again, delivery and set-up is free within 50 miles of our lot.   We'll construct your building locally in Pickens, SC and delivery it to your site.  


Have your building constructed on your site.  Some customers have a need to have their building constructed on their site instead of having it constructed at our construction facility.  For example, if you have need of a building more than 16 feet wide, your building will need to be constructed on site.  Also, some customers have access difficulties that prevent the size building they want delivered to their site.  If you have a need for your building to be constructed on your site, we will send our construction crew to your site to construct your building. An additional cost of $250.00 is required to all buildings built on site.